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EPS columns should require no additional work when the correct fitting procedure is followed.

1. Turn on the ignition - but do not start the vehicle

2. Remove any fault codes using diagnostic equipment
    There will always be a fault code when a unit has failed on the vehicle, if no fault code is detected           the diagnostic equipment being used may not be suitable or may require a software update.

3. Turn off the ignition - when the faults have been removed

4. Disconnect the battery
     The battery should be disconnected for a minimum of twenty minutes before reconnecting.

5. Remove the failed EPS steering column

6. Install the replacement steering column
    This must not be done prior to clearing the fault code or the code will be mapped to the                           replacement unit invalidating the warranty.

7. Centralising the steering rack prior to coupling it to the EPS column
    All EPS columns supplied by our company are tested and set in the '0' position.

8. Reconnect the battery
    As previously stated there should be a minimum period of twenty minutes between disconnecting         and reconnecting the battery.

9. Checking correct functionality of the unit
    No warning lights should be illuminated on the dashboard. If lights are illuminated the ECU will need     to be checked using the diagnostic equipment.

10. Check the performance and feel of your replacement EPS column