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Common fault: A metallic “clunk” or knock from the right hand side of the car when going over potholes or sunken manhole covers. Problem affects BMW 3 Series F30, BMW 1 Series F20 and BMW X3 F25.

The cause is due to excessive movement between the internal gear components of the steering rack which requires a brand new replacement BMW steering rack or the existing steering rack repaired.
Unlike most steering racks these steering racks have an internal ECU with the vehicle’s specific VIN number and vehicle specific driving characteristics embedded in the ECU. This means that either a brand new BMW steering rack needs to be fitted with the vehicles VIN and driving characteristics programmed into the “virgin” unit by a BMW main dealer or the actual steering rack from the vehicle needs to be repaired, with the VIN and driving characteristics retained, eliminating the need for programming.

Power Racks Direct offers a repair service for the mechanical components of these steering racks which eliminates the “clunk”/knock. The electrical components of the steering rack are not touched so this service will not help if the steering system has fault codes or there are any steering warning lights on the dash.

Call us to discuss your steering problems, we are happy to advise, aswell as repair (trade only).